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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Property Taxes

Since we are not in either the city of Collegedale or the city of Chattanooga, we currently only pay Hamilton County property taxes.  We are on the twenty-year growth plan for Collegedale, but as far as we know Collegedale has no plans to annex us in the near future.  We previously defeated a Collegedale annexation of Deer Ridge in 1996.  Note that the Collegedale property taxes are much lower than the Chattanooga property taxes.  Also note that Collegedale has already annexed the part of Standefer Gap Road where the Deer Ridge subdivision entrance is located.


Public Schools (current zoning)

Note: As of Fall 2008, Deer Ridge will be zoned for the new East Hamilton Middle/High School that is being built on Ooltewah-Ringgold Road behind Westview Elementary (less than three miles from our subdivision).  To see plans for this new school, click here (requires PDF viewer).  There are future plans to build a new middle school directly behind Apison Elementary on East Brainerd Road.  When that happens, East Hamilton will become a high school only.


DRHA Association Dues

DRHA Association Dues are set in the Deer Ridge Restrictive Covenants at One Hundred Dollars ($100) per lot per year.  The dues are used primarily to maintain the front entrance (landscape maintenance, electricity, water, etc).  This amount can be changed by two-thirds of the Deer Ridge lot owners.  Dues must be paid prior to February 1 each year to avoid a ten-percent late charge and interest charges.  To see how the dues are spent, click here.


Police Protection

Police Protection is provided by the Hamilton County Sheriff Department.  Deer Ridge is part of the Hamilton County Neighborhood Watch program and a sign indicating this is posted at the front entrance.  The phone number for the Hamilton County Sheriff is (423) 209-7000.  911 service is available (for emergencies only).



Electricity - Electric Power Board   (423) 756-2706
Water - Eastside Utility District      (423) 892-2890
Phone - Centurytel    (800) 225-2594
Cable TV - Comcast    (423) 855-4300 (also BroadBand Internet)
Natural Gas - none
    Since natural gas is not available, many Deer Ridge homeowners
    use propane.  If propane is used, the tank must be buried. The
    primary propane provider in Deer Ridge is Bradley Propane.

   The phone  number for Bradley Propane is (423) 476-1666.

Garbage Service

Garbage service must be contracted, and the primary garbage service providers in Deer Ridge are BFI (423-867-4650) and C&M Disposal (423-894-6964).  BFI picks up garbage every Thursday and provides one large garbage can, but will not pick up items not in their can (you can purchase an additional can from them).  C&M Disposal picks up twice a week (Tuesday and Friday) but does not provide a can.  However, they will pick up extra items outside the garbage can you provide.


Fire Protection

Fire protection must be contracted and is provided by Tri-Community Fire Department.  Tri-Community is ISO Class 4 rated, the highest rating for a volunteer fire department in the state of Tennessee.  Currently a fire protection subscription costs $85 per year (July-June).  The phone number for Tri-Community Fire Department is (423) 894-5231.

There are currently no fire hydrants in Deer Ridge, so Tri-Community will shuttle water tanker trucks from a hydrant on Standefer Gap Road to extinguish fires.   Fire hydrants are planned when Deer Ridge Phase II is completed.


Deer Ridge Phase II

The developer has not announced when Phase II will begin.  The entrance to Deer Ridge Phase II will be about halfway down Poplar Grove Drive on the right (between Lots 72 & 73).  To see the Deer Ridge Lot Map, click here.