These home construction guidelines have been created by the Deer Ridge Homeowners’ Association to insure that the lot owner and home builder comply with both the Deer Ridge Restrictive Covenants and applicable laws. Note that the lot owner will be held responsible for any violations.

BURNING: Burning in the subdivision is allowed by valid burning permit only. Since the subdivision is heavily wooded, unsupervised burning is a serious threat to our homes. Note that it is unlawful to burn after 4PM, even with a permit. Violations will be reported to the Air Pollution Control Board, and the builder may be fined for violations.

SANITATION FACILITIES: Portable toilets must be provided on site during construction.

LENGTH OF CONSTRUCTION PERIOD: Per the Deer Ridge Restrictive Covenants:

Dwelling shall be completed in 9 months of beginning construction. An extension of construction period may be approved by the Developer or assigns.

EROSION CONTROL: Per the Deer Ridge Restrictive Covenants:

Before any construction is begun, a temporary driveway shall be installed and said drive shall be crowned and have proper drainage so that overflow, if any, from the building site shall not flow upon the main road.

DEBRIS/LITTER: Per the Deer Ridge Restrictive Covenants:

Owner shall be responsible to see that the construction site is kept free of debris and waste as not to create a nuisance or litter to other property owners.

TREE REMOVAL: Per the Deer Ridge Restrictive Covenants:

In order to maintain the natural beauty of said development, the majority of the trees may not be removed from any lot except in the area of the homesite, field lines, pool sites, outbuildings and driveway.