Deer Ridge Homeowners' Association, Inc.
Architectural Review

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Per the Deer Ridge Restrictive Covenants, the DRHA board has the sole and exclusive right to approve or disapprove home plans for aesthetic (not structural) reasons.  Plans submitted are reviewed to insure that they comply with the Deer Ridge Restrictive Covenants.  Potential homeowners are required to submit plans for approval to the Deer Ridge Homeowners' Association (DRHA) at least 30 days prior to construction.

Five items are required from the potential homeowner in order for DRHA to review their home plans.

Once these five items are received, the DRHA Architectural Review Committee will meet and will either approve or disapprove the plans.  The potential homebuilder will receive formal approval/disapproval via letter, along with the DRHA Home Construction Guidelines (see below).  The homeowner should provide a copy of the DRHA Home Construction Guidelines to their builder/contractor.